Letting the messages of “Big Magic” sink in

Can I tell you something? For many, many years I thought my biggest creative gift involved writing. But just recently, as I have traveled the path to deeper self-discovery, I have come to realize my innate ability to create liaisons across the state of Missouri for the public good is one of my big hidden creative jewels. I’ve been doing this all these years and only recently have I come to own this as part of my creative strength,

What I know for sure is I have always been committed to communicating with whoever I meet straight from my heart — which is the hallmark of authenticity. One of my mantras over the years has been “let me be perfectly honest here.” Honesty and truth are rooted in an open heart.

What I’ve realized is that many people in the business of politics, health care, — the work world in general — are afraid to come from this place of truth. It is vulnerable, and in some minds, can seem like a place of weakness. But coming from that authentic place creates a basis for trust and a foundation for working together for something bigger than we are.

I have helped forge wonderful alliances over the years by allowing my open heart to lead the way. But being this open requires trust in a power bigger than me and the people I connect with — the power being the root of all creativity — the Divine, her/himself.

Reflecting on this realization, I now know my biggest creative tool is not a brush or a pen but an open heart and my trust in the Divine helped me along the way.



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