Creativity — hope in the face of challenges

Creativity spawns innovation and collaboration
from a deep well where we are one.

My friends,
As this virus reveals its lessons to our global community, I see a side of this unfolding more clearly with each day. Everything about our daily lives has been disrupted, changed and in many ways, this can be very disturbing.

However, I see the human spirit rising to the challenges and the changes in remarkable and encouraging ways.

I see people thinking of innovative ways to help each other both near and far. I see individuals, families and friends finding new ways to bond and love each other despite social distancing.

The wonderful thing about creativity is the more we practice it in our daily lives – from the choices we make to ensure our newly privatized lives are full of light and love, to the new ways we choose to help our neighbors weather these uncertain times – the more it births creative sparks which light other dark corners of our once very routine existences.

I am incredibly grateful to witness the outpouring of love, compassion and spirit of collaboration that are born on a minute-to-minute basis all over the world in response to the challenges this disease has presented to humanity.

I see this creative positive response as the MOST important thing I have witnessed globally in my lifetime. These seeds of hope and so many more we are still learning about will produce  an unprecedented global unity — and incredible beauty and blessings for all of us in the days and months to come.

Join me in witnessing and participating in the growth of a new paradigm of being.

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