Some of you may be wondering why I am repeating my 100 days of happiness. Honestly, one day I was walking along the trail feeling so thankful for the sweet scents enveloping me, the gently breeze, the wildflowers swaying gently as I passed….. I reflected on how many of these wonderful daily blessings grace my life bringing me joy.

We all know there a lot of negative things happening in our world. I decided to remind myself about the many joys that brighten my little world every single day.

I love the practice of being more keenly aware of all the beautiful bounty of happiness I can tap into whenever and wherever I choose.

I find the more aware I become of the happiness quotient that is available to me, the less the negativity depletes me. Ahhhhhhhhh.

Plus, I can do this on Instagram now too.  J

A bird’s life makes my day

This morning I heard a thud coming from the direction of the garden room. I knew a bird had just flown into one of the windows.
Hoping the little guy was okay, I went out there to look outside. Sure enough, on the concrete pad outside our back door stood a perfectly gorgeous cardinal. He wasn’t really standing. He was stumbling around, obviously stunned.
I was just hoping he was going to make it since it was dreadfully cold out there. Every few minutes I would go back to look out and check on him. He was sitting very still, his feathers all fluffed up — and I could see that his chest was moving with his breath. At least he WAS breathing and he wasn’t acting disoriented anymore.
I asked my bird whisperer husband if he wouldn’t think about bringing my little friend in to make the little guy feel better.
Marty headed out to try and I heard some loud twittering and the door closing. Marty said my friend obviously didn’t need the help. He flew away.
That made my day! 🙂