Cracking open

Something is cracking open for me on this trip to North Carolina. It started happening when I heard the symphony tuning up for their performance at Brevard Music Center.

Prior to the symphony’s practice session, we visited with a young violinist from “Jersey”. He talked about how great it was to be part of such a diverse group – musicians from all over the world being conducted by the piano maestro, Christian Zacharias, from Germany.

As the lead violinist played the first note, all instruments were united and sounded as one. That moment took by breath away – so fantastically beautiful and so symbolic. The breathtaking beauty of uniting in sound as one brought me to tears.


The whole experience of hearing this group perform and watching the conductor in his element took me back to when I was in the Fontbonne Civic Youth Choir in seventh and eighth grade. We sang with the St. Louis Symphony and I remember being awestruck by the experience of being in the presence of that music-making body. I don’t remember the details, but I remember that feeling – the same feeling of fullness being in the midst of such wonderous sound and the people that make it.

I wish I had a better handle on the words to describe that feeling, an awareness of beauty at a different level than what I experience I every day. I think being lifted by that heightened sense of possibility in sound touched me to my very core.

And then it happened again at the Robin Bullock and Steve Baughman performance in Black Mountain just a few days later. There was a moment filled with such energy, such perfect unity in their guitar playing that tears came once again.

Music – I believe it is a language the Divine uses to touch our spirits, uniting individuals in something that is much bigger and more fantastic than any one of us may be able to create on our own — showing us the way to overcome our differences in the creation of joy that we can hear and feel.

I am waiting to be shown how this awareness will impact my life, my little world — I am ready for where it will lead me.

A melody for Elly

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Marty and I were out in Cheyenne to visit our little granddaughter and her parents last week. We both brought our musical instruments in the hopes of entertaining the little sweetie.
On the second day we were there “little miss bright eyes” was up and a bit fussy so Grandpa got his guitar out. I was holding her and walking her to keep her occupied and he started warming up. I could feel her heart beat speed up and her eyes got even bigger. Once she got into the music her heart beat slowed down and she couldn’t take her eyes off her grandpa.
It was a joy to see how the guitar music intrigued her and took her little mind off whatever was making her contrary. Music seems to do that for big people as well – both those listening and those who are playing the tunes.