New Chapter — challenges



I have been retired and working part-time for 7 months now. I have to admit it really has been a challenge to shift gears. For 20+ years I’ve tried to keep a work/family balance, work winning out more than I care to admit. But focusing on my own self-care was definitely not part of that equation.


I took a hard look at what is going on in my life right now. And, I had to be honest with myself – “hey, if you are going to write a new chapter in your life’s story, gwennie, you need to start doing some things differently.”  Starting with learning more about self-care seemed like a very important first step.


In order to emphasize this new mind set I am visualizing myself as a little child of the Universe who needs and deserves special love and care. Thinking about myself I that way brings me to tears. For so long I’ve been taking care of everyone else at work, at home, my family members out of town – you know being the selfless servant. I didn’t have time for my own care – in fact, that was pretty much of a foreign idea.


I’m learning, I’m exploring ways of doing this. Marty and my girls are gently reminding me. The first big step is to SLOW DOWN. I tend to rush in my daily activities trying to accomplish more – I keep reminding myself that I deserve to take my time. I am worthy of the efforts I am taking to express my creativity. I have gone back to crocheting, and am learning to knit, I am playing the dulcimer, I am doing yoga, I am taking lots of deep breaths while I am meditating… I am trying to be more mindful as I engage in all of these activities.


“Self-care (mindfulness) means giving yourself permission to pause.”


What I want to do is to learn to pause and to experience life at a deeper level. Taking care of me will be a gateway to more joy and happiness. My very being will emanate the energy my life is embracing. How fortunate I am to create a new path, writing a new chapter that holds infinitely more promise and fulfillment.