Some of you may be wondering why I am repeating my 100 days of happiness. Honestly, one day I was walking along the trail feeling so thankful for the sweet scents enveloping me, the gently breeze, the wildflowers swaying gently as I passed….. I reflected on how many of these wonderful daily blessings grace my life bringing me joy.

We all know there a lot of negative things happening in our world. I decided to remind myself about the many joys that brighten my little world every single day.

I love the practice of being more keenly aware of all the beautiful bounty of happiness I can tap into whenever and wherever I choose.

I find the more aware I become of the happiness quotient that is available to me, the less the negativity depletes me. Ahhhhhhhhh.

Plus, I can do this on Instagram now too.  J

A bucket of diamonds sprinkled across the waters

.....like diamonds on the river

Truly, yesterday was another absolutely gorgeous day. The sun was bright, the breeze cool, rustling the leaves in the trees. The river from my “outside office” looks brilliant — like God sprinkled a bucket of diamonds across the water.

I keep thinking I am experiencing a little bit of heaven right here and now — and what a blessing this slice of heaven is. My whole soul just want to soak in the wonder of these very special moments.

I continue to be incredibly thankful for the time and space in my life to experience this gift from God.

More thanks

I posted a blog about how grateful I am for all of you on my other blog.
The link is: http://gwenkratermann.wordpress.com/2013/04/02/thanks-from-the-bottom-of-my-heart/

But I would be remiss if I did not give my now departed friend, Gloria Page, a huge thanks for the gift of the design for the header on this blog. Gloria created the “Opening the Window of Your Soul” design and stamp that opens this blog.

Gloria was an incredibly talented and gifted artist, who shared her talents with so many. Her work was featured in the Smithsonian Museum and her hand stamped cards were vehicles for heartfelt messages between friends for many, many years.

Gloria was a gentle spirit, strong in the face of diversity — unwilling to compromise where she wanted her art to go.

She passed on earlier this year and we will miss her. Thank goodness her art will live on.

Gratitude for another year

Tomorrow is my birthday and as I think about turning another year older I cannot help but be incredibly grateful for the past year of my life. Since I am an obsessive list maker I thought I would make a list of the many blessings of my 58th year on this planet.

  • My happiness and personal peace
  • My wonderful relationship with my sweetie, Marty
  • My health, and his —
  • Our two daughters and their sweeties, their happiness grows
  • The promise of our new granddaughter’s birth in February of next year
  • Our lovely home on the bluff
  • Our road trips across this incredible country
  • The freedom to take those trips and to catch on lost time
  • Safe travels
  • Returning to me – a continual adventure
  • Old friends
  • New friends
  • My Flying Lessons course and new friends
  • Learning to be a hooker – a rug hooker that is
  • Rediscovering my passion for sewing
  • Allowing my talents as a writer to emerge
  • Sipping wine in front of the wood stove
  • Candlelit dinners every night
  • My friends that inhabit the critter condos on the river bluff
  • Color, color, color
  • Flowers everywhere
  • Beauty of clouds
  • Singing with Marty as he plays his guitar
  • Music lessons
  • Playing my dulcimer
  • The Missouri River, my confidante and friend
  • Meditative walks along the Katy Trail
  • Freedom
  • Creative work, the seeds that have now been planted

To another year of love, joy, new adventures and happiness.